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Screenlanding is a platform that serves as the voice of screenwriters across Nigeria and Africa.

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We connect the dots between writers and film & TV professionals by hosting scripts and marketing scripts.

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We aim to be the number one amongst the globally recognized institutes that grows and multiplies screenwriters across Africa.

What We Do

ScreenLanding is an online hub that connects the dots between Screenwriters and Film & Television (TV) professionals.
We offer a platform that hosts scripts written by writers and help pitch reviewed scripts directly to genuine film and television professionals.
As a platform built to strengthen the voice of screenwriters across Nigeria and Africa, we provide resources and materials such BTS with Film and TV professionals, and interviews with leading screenwriters to help transform aspiring screenwriters into successful writers.

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What people say?

Thank you for the feedback! I agree with everything you've said. I can definitely be more detailed in my synopsis.  This was very useful.
Vernell Allen
Thanks for reviewing my script, I appreciate it. 
Toyosi Benjamin

Writing Service

Our screenwriting team members are ready to write for you if you have a particular story you want tell but don’t want to write.

Script Marketing

Selling a script is a lot of work, so we help get your script to film and TV professionals ready to pay. Thereby making your scripts a lucrative source of income.

Script Doctoring

Writing another draft is quite tiring, so if after reviewing and the script needs some editing, we're here to do the job.

Script Selection

We provide an organized list of reviewed scripts to choose from, making it easier to pick the right script for you.

Professional Coverage

Our screenwriting team members review your scripts and give constructive detailed feedback, from short film to TV to feature film.

Behind the Scene

Behind the Scene

Screenwriters training with Victor Sanchez Aghahowa

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